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Get What You Expect From Your Print Project


To “Get what you expect” requires an expectation; a belief that something will occur in the future. An experienced graphic designer peers with satisfaction at her screen after the final touches to a brochure are complete; how is it she is so confident the final product will succeed? How does she know the effect will [...]

Get What You Expect From Your Print Project2017-05-09T22:00:32+00:00

There’s black ink, rich black, and Vantablack


Now that we’ve set the mood, let’s talk about black ink What is black, anyway? Conceptually, “black” isn’t a color, it’s the absence (or near absence) of light waves reaching your eyeball. This happens by either shutting off pixels in a display, or creating a surface that doesn’t reflect ambient light. There’s a color model for [...]

There’s black ink, rich black, and Vantablack2017-10-10T09:41:56+00:00

Digital vs. Offset in 180 Seconds


Digital vs. Offset: Terms of Art It’s tricky to talk about digital vs. offset printing because the terminology is either imprecise or obscure. Virtually all printing begins with a “digital” file, and web-based messaging is also described as “digital.” Almost no one knows what “offset” even means. It’s more useful to think about what [...]

Digital vs. Offset in 180 Seconds2017-10-10T09:45:21+00:00

Gandy Printers won a trophy at the Tally Awards; but that’s not the point.


Several years ago a friend asked for help with a sponsorship for Capital City Youth Services; specifically printing for their Tally Awards. He’s a longtime customer and made a quick pitch why he was passionate about CCYS.  2017 is the fourth year we have participated. This year we were happy to win a Tally [...]

Gandy Printers won a trophy at the Tally Awards; but that’s not the point.2017-10-10T09:46:15+00:00

PANTONE® Color of the Year, 2017 – “Greenery”


Pantone LLC, the global authority on color, has designated PANTONE® 15-0343 “Greenery” as Color of the Year for 2017. The company describes “a refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.” Never at a loss for words, Pantone Color Institute® Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman says; “Greenery bursts forth in 2017 to provide us with the [...]

PANTONE® Color of the Year, 2017 – “Greenery”2018-02-08T18:02:51+00:00

Gandy Printers Completes $1.1M Equipment Upgrade


Final touches over the Holidays mark the completion of a year-long overhaul here at Gandy Printers. New and upgraded equipment has made every area of our shop  faster and more reliable. “My father built Gandy Printers up to be Tallahassee’s first color printer, and we are now Tallahassee’s most advanced, high quality color printer,” said Bernie Gandy [...]

Gandy Printers Completes $1.1M Equipment Upgrade2017-11-10T19:39:42+00:00

Printed Text Makes You Smarter; Science Proves It


Does printed text convey your message more effectively? Yes, according to a study published in the International Journal of Educational Research. The 2013 study measured higher comprehension rates among students who read printed text compared to their cohort reading on a digital screen. This sheds light on why targeted print messaging is so effective. With humans having an attention [...]

Printed Text Makes You Smarter; Science Proves It2017-05-09T21:59:38+00:00