Invitation for FAIA “Round-Up”

The FAIA approached us for a unique invitation for an upcoming event. A custom die cut shape was used to impart the event’s theme as well as set the invitation apart. The use of a single PMS (Pantone Matching System) color on uncoated kraft cover stock gives the invitation an earthy quality relavent to the “Round Up” theme.

This is a great example of how custom, well thought out finishing can really bring your project to life. Invitations like this are guaranteed not to get lost; they are sure to stick with everyone on your mailing list with their unique shape and personality.

This invitation also illustrates the benefits to having so many finishing capabilities under one roof. Other printers would need to outsource services such as die cutting that are standard features here at Gandy Printers. Completing the entire invitation in-house saved FAIA time and money with this project.

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