Mailer for Retail Parade

Retail Parade wanted a unique mailer to better inform their customers. Their provided artwork and Gandy Printers’ advice and expertise resulted in a final piece that will definitely catch their customers’ attention.

The artwork for this data wheel came to us print-ready for their professional designer. The designer wasn’t sure if 3 spot color or full color printing would be required to achieve the desired look. We recommended using two spot colors and a screen percentage of one of them. This took the production work from a full color press to a two color press, saving the client time and money.

These wheels were printed using two spot colors and a flood coat of gloss varnish. They were then die cut and fastened together using a silver eyelet, allowing the wheel to spin freely.

Custom 8″ x 8″ envelopes completed the package; our variable data printing capabilities allowed us to print addresses according to their mailing list. The customer chose to stuff and mail the pieces themselves.

This is a great example of a unique mailing package that will set you apart from the crowd and get you in the forefront of your customer’s minds.

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