Well-designed stationery is essential for your business. Gandy Printers offers a variety of inks and paper stocks to achieve the look that best represents you and your business. We offer special touches like raised ink, foil stamping, and embossing to help your stationery make a lasting impression.

Business Cards

Are expected of any business professional. Gandy Printers can accomodate standard as well as custom business card sizes. They can be printed on a variety of stocks in any color or finish available. Raised ink can be added to cards printed on an offset press.

Envelopes and Letterheads

Are a must-have for businesses wanting to portray professionalism in their communications. We have several writing and bond stocks for you to choose from. They can be matched to the color and finish of your business cards for a cohesive stationery set.


Can also be printed in a variety of sizes, inks and stocks. They are a great alternative to emailed invitations and e-vites that can get lost in inboxes and spam filters. They also give your event a level of class that cannot be achieved through an email or online invitation.

Thank You Cards

Make a great impact on your customers and vendors now that the majority of business correspondence is accomplished via email. Taking the time to write a note shows your recipient you truly appreciate their business.

Check out some of our stationery examples below: