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Direct Mail

Direct mail is quite possibly the most effective way in which a business can leverage the power of printing to market and grow their business.

Direct mail services offered by Gandy Printers

Direct mail open rates have been estimated to be approximately 90%, which is three to four times higher than email open rates estimated by Mailchimp for email marketing campaigns in 2021.

Recent surveys have found that, on average direct mailings to existing customers average a 9% response rate and that mailings to prospects average approximately a 5% response rate.

These rates are at least double what can be expected from an email marketing campaign.

Direct Mail Services We Provide:

List Generation

Want to target a particular audience but don’t know how? Gandy Printers can work with you to determine the correct demographics and reach the desired customers.

We work closely with third-party data companies to define audiences based on various demographics, including age, race, geographic location, household income, home value, political affiliation, and more.

We can get very detailed with the requirements, so feel free to let us know exactly who you are looking to reach.

List Verification

Do you already have your own mailing list? Great! We can process your list and make sure that all your addresses are valid, remove any duplicates, and make sure that no one in your list has an outdated address.

This ensures you get the best bang for your buck in postage costs and that every piece of your mail reaches the intended recipient.

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

If you aren’t looking to target a particular audience but rather just a particular geographic location, EDDM might be the best bet for you.

EDDM reaches every recipient within chosen USPS carrier routes. If you want to target, for example, certain neighborhoods within proximity to your business, EDDM would allow you to do so without incurring the expense of purchasing a mailing list.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more details regarding this service!


We can print and mail postcards of all sizes, ranging from 4 x 6 up to 6 x 11, and other sizes beyond these.

If you need help ensuring your mailing panels are set up correctly for imprinting, just let us know!

Publications & Catalogs

Not only are we the Tallahassee area’s top producer of catalogs, newsletters, and magazines, but we can also help you get them into the hands of your customers and subscribers.

Whether it’s just direct imprinting of addresses, labeling, wafer sealing, poly bagging, or special packaging needs, we have you covered!

Political Mailings

Speed is the name of the game during political campaigns. Situations arise and change rapidly during a race, and so does the need to get your message out to voters.

Gandy Printers understands this and can help you get your mailings out in a timely manner to assure you stay one step ahead of your opponent!


Are you a non-profit with an upcoming fundraiser? Let Gandy Printers make sure your appeal gets into the hands of the intended recipients quickly.

Appeals need to inspire recipients to donate, and we can help by adding personalized information to each mail piece derived from your database of past contributors. Let us help you help people!

Social Announcements & Invitations

If your business is planning a social function, don’t forget to get your save-the-date information out as soon as possible!

You also need to make sure you get your invitations out well ahead of the event to make sure the turnout is as good as possible.

Gandy Printers can help you produce and mail an eye-catching invitation that stands out in the clutter and entices recipients to attend!