Staying up-to-date on the latest print methods and technologies allows Gandy Printers to produce a wide variety of products. We utilize three printing methods to provide you with as many options as possible. Our available products fall into one of four categories: bound pieces, flat pieces, folded pieces and wide format pieces.

Bound pieces

Begin as flat pieces before they are cut, folded, and bound. Bound products include booklets like newsletters, magazines, catalogs, and calendars.

Flat pieces

Are just that: flat pieces of paper with your designs and information on them. They may include finishing elements, but they are not folded or bound in any way. Flat products include business cards, stationery, carbonless forms, flyers and posters, postcards, rack cards and door hangers.

Folded pieces

Begin as flat pieces. They are then folded in the bindery department after printing and finishing. These products include brochures, fold-over cards, maps and pocket folders.

Wide format pieces

Are different from the others because they are printed on a unique printer. Gandy Printers can now accomodate sizes up to 60″ wide with the addition of our newest wide format printer. Wide format products include banners, window graphics, wallpapers, car magnets and displays.