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Printing Capabilities

We offer several printing solutions to best suit your needs. See below to learn more.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is the “traditional” method of printing. It was the only form of printing available in local shops when Gandy Printers was founded. It has remained our core business over the past forty years.

Offset printing uses a process where ink is “offset” from a rubber blanket to a sheet of paper. It is the equivalent of a high-speed rubber stamp that is able to create thousands of impressions an hour.

Each of our offset presses is manned by an expert in their field. They monitor printing from start to finish, ensuring the highest quality and consistency.

Offset printing is ideal for high-quality and consistent coloring from one run to another. It is also great for large run lengths.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing at Gandy Printers is among the highest-quality toner-based printing available. Before including it among our services, we waited until digital printing technology was comparable to the results of Offset Printing.

Digital Printing is produced on a toner-based printer similar to a desktop laser printer. We hold our digital machines to the same standards as our offset presses. We maintain quality through regular calibration and maintenance.

Our digital printers handle jobs up to 13″ by 19″ in size on a wide variety of paper stocks. Ask us about our specialty paper options.

Digital Printing is great for jobs with short runs or short time frames. It also allows us to personalize postcards and mailers for every recipient on your mailing list through variable data printing.

Wide Format Printing

Wide-format printing is produced on large inkjet printers. Our newest wide format printer allows us to reach widths up to 60″.

This method is ideal for producing banners, short runs of large posters, window graphics and clings, point-of-purchase displays, and outdoor pieces that need to withstand the elements.

We have a variety of materials available to ensure your piece can withstand the elements while performing at its peak.