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PANTONE® Color of the Year, 2017 – “Greenery”

Pantone LLC, the global authority on color, has designated PANTONE® 15-0343 “Greenery” as Color of the Year for 2017. The company describes “a refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.”

Never at a loss for words, Pantone Color Institute® Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman says; “Greenery bursts forth in 2017 to provide us with the hope we collectively yearn for amid a complex social and political landscape. Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate, revitalize and unite, Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.”

Who are we to disagree?

You can read about this visual delight, in detail both sumptuous and technical,  at the Pantone website Here.

PANTONE® is the standard language of color communication from digital design to printed image, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Any creative professional working in or across multiple media, (digital, textile, print, fashion, paint, etc), should make a New Year’s resolution to visit the Pantone website Here. You’ll be rewarded with ideas, inspiration, and the good feeling that there are people in this world who care about color even more than yourself.

Hugh Butler, January 5, 2017

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